Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level

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About the Author: Gilbert N. Ling
       Born in Nanking, China, Dr. Ling received his biology degree from the National Central University in Chungking. He then took part in a nation-wide competitive examination and won the Boxer Scholarship slot in biology for study in the U.S. He and the other Boxer scholars arrived in the U.S. in November of 1945. In 1948, Dr. Ling received his Ph.D. from the Department of Physiology at the University of Chicago and then continued there for two more years of advanced education as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Ling's first job (1950) was that of instructor at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In 1953, he was appointed assistant professor and, later, associate professor at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. In 1957, he accepted the position of senior research scientist at the Basic Research Department of the Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute, continuing his research there until 1962. Naturalized in 1961, Dr. Ling carried on full-time research as the director of the Molecular Biology Department of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the next 27 years. In 1988, he moved to Long Island, New York to continue his research and writing at the Damadian Foundation for Basic and Cancer Research (a part of Fonar Corporation) in Melville. Dr. Ling has published over 200 scientific papers and reviews. Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level is his fourth full-length book. He was a co-editor-in-chief (1984-1990) and, since 1990, the sole editor-in-chief of the scientific journal, Physiological Chemistry Physics and Medical NMR.

Comments on Dr.Ling as a Scientist

"Dr. Ling is one of the most inventive biochemist I have ever met."
        Prof. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Laureate, MBL, Woods Hole (Jan. 16, 1962)

"You are, if I may say so, one of the great original thinkers of today."
        Prof. Harold Hillman, Department of Physiology, University of Surrey, Guildford Surrey, England (March 18, 1985)

"I am inspired by your sense of history and the thought that those who make new history are usually those who know history."
        Prof. Sidney W. Fox, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Evolution,
        University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL.(Aug. 16, 1985)

"Your papers are the source of my inspiration. This year I have acquired the reputation of a 'Lingist'."
        Prof. Vladimir V. Matveev, Institute of Marine Biology, Academy of Science USSR, Vladivostock, USSR (Sept.28, 1984)

"Dr. Gilbert Ling is a prominent cell physiologist and scientific investigator whose reputation is based on his imagination, skill as an experimenter and prodigious scientific output."
        NIH Summary Statement 2, r01 GM 11422-21 (Feb.- March, 1986)

"Dr. Ling played a central role in the development of the Ling-Gerard microelectrode. The microelectrode has subsequently proven to be one of the most important devices applied to the study of cellular physiology.."
        NIH Summary Statement 1, r011 HL 39249-01 (April 30, 1987)

Other books published by the author

A Physical Theory of the Living State: the Association-Induction Hypothesis. 1962, Blaisdell Publishing Co., A Division of Random House, Inc., Waltham. MA. (book out of print, a few copies are available via the Out-of-Print Book Section of Hard cover, 680 pages. LCC number 62-11835

In Search of the Physical Basis of Life. 1984 Plenum Publishing Co., New York, and London., Perseus Books, Hard cover, 791 pages, ISBN 0-306-40419-0, $150.00

A Revolution in the Physiology of the Living Cell. 1992 Krieger Publishing Co., Malabar, FL. 378 pages ISBN 0-89464-398-3, $64.50

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